Why Tim Tebow Will Change the New York Jets and Make Them Likeable
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Why Tim Tebow Will Change the New York Jets and Make Them Likeable

On Wednesday, March 21, 2012, the Denver Broncos traded Tim Tebow to the New York Jets for two draft picks, while also giving the Jets back a draft pick. Having Tim Tebow playing in New York for the Jets should be a great thing for the Jets and the NFL. Now the focus on the Jets will be about Tim Tebow and not head coach Rex Ryan.

As a big time NFL fan who lives in the New York City area, having Tim Tebow play in New York for the New York Jets is going to be great. I'm not a Jets fan, the Giants are my favorite team, but you better believe I'll be watching Tim Tebow play for the New York Jets in 2012.

NFL Fans Will Now Watch and Pay Attention to the Jets with Tim Tebow on the Team

Image Source by Jeffrey Beall

In New York we have both the Jets and Giants, and the NFL schedules their games so they are never on TV at the same time. So anybody living in New York can watch all the Jets and all the Giants games. Over the years, I always watch the Giants, and sometimes will watch the Jets. With Tim Tebow on the team, I'll be watching all the Jets games in 2012.

That's why having Tim Tebow in New York is such a great thing. The Jets were hard to watch in 2011, after head coach Rex Ryan predicted they would win the Super Bowl, and they ended up 8-8. It's hard to root for Rex Ryan. He makes so many ridiculous predictions and shoots his mouth off so much, you just learn to tune him out, and to root against him if you care enough.

Tim Tebow Not Rex Ryan is Now the Biggest Personality on the New York Jets

All that will change with Tim Tebow on the Jets though. Suddenly Rex Ryan is not the biggest personality associated with the New York Jets anymore. Now, Tim Tebow is. I don't see anyway in which that is not a positive thing. Supplanting a loud-mouth coach with a player who has won a Heisman Trophy and national championships in college as the biggest personality on the Jets is a great thing.

It's hard to say if Tim Tebow will actually be able to make the Jets a better team. Tebow did take the Denver Broncos to the NFL Playoffs last season. And he led the team to a big OT upset over the Pittsburgh Steelers, with Tebow hitting Demaryius Thomas with an 80 TD on the first play of OT for the win.

In his NFL career though, Tim Tebow has only completed 47.3% of his passes. That is not going to get the job done in the NFL. The Jets are supposedly just planning on using Tebow in limited wildcat type situations. He will still have to throw the ball though at times, and 47.3% is not going to cut it in the NFL.

Image Source by Clemed

Jets Gave Up Very Little to Acquire Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow did complete 66.4% of his passes in college at Florida. So there is certainly a chance he can improve his completion percentage. Also, the Jets only gave up fourth and sixth round picks for Tebow, while also getting back a seventh round pick. And the Jets are not paying Tebow that much money overall, Denver is actually paying some of his salary, roughly $2.5 million, over the next three years. 

Having Tim Tebow Supplant Rex Ryan as Biggest Personality on the Jets Worth Anything Jets Gave Up

Image Source by Jeffrey Beall

Add all that up, and having Tim Tebow in New York playing for the New York Jets should be a a lot fun. The Jets gave up very little for Tim Tebow, and they are not really paying him that much money. Just having Tim Tebow supplant Rex Ryan as the biggest personality on the Jets is worth any money and draft picks the Jets gave up, at least to this NFL New York football fan.

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Comments (4)
Ranked #2 in Football

Great take from someone in NYC. After living through the Tebow craze in Denver, I do know it can go either way for the Jets. Tebow could split the team and or the Jet fans. When Tebow comes into the game, it could confuse the defense and that will be fun to watch. As long as Tebow is in the game with the normal QB. Otherwise, when Tebow comes in, the defense will key on him. Many people do not realize that Tebow was hurt badly during the playoff game with the Patriots. With his hard playing ways, he could end up getting hurt.

Ranked #4 in Football

Yes, Sam, I agree, unless Tebow becomes a pocket passer, he's going to get hurt and not have a long career. The Jets were basically dead in NY last year, especially with the my Giants winning the Super Bowl, so Tebow should spice things up this year if nothing else.

Nice article. tweeted.

Ranked #21 in Football

Wow a lot of pressure on Tim Tebow, I would love to see your brand of football live. I only see portions in Australia.