VW Super Bowl 2012 "Star Wars" Ad, Volkswagen Dog Commercial a Good Strategy
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VW Super Bowl 2012 "Star Wars" Ad, Volkswagen Dog Commercial a Good Strategy

Super Bowl 2012 commercial for Volkswagen features dogs barking to the theme song of "Star Wars."

Volkswagen is continuing with their "Star Wars" ad campaign for Super Bowl 2012. The Volkswagen dog commercial will generate a lot of interest from even those not interested in watching football during Super Bowl Sunday. A pack of several dogs are lined up barking the theme song, "Imperial March." VW appropriately titled the ad "The Bark Side." The ad is promoting the new Passat model.

In the video seen here, dogs have "Star Wars" costume-like collars that hang down the front of their chests. Characters the dogs are dressed up as are Darth Vader, C-3PO, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Yoda. It is quite a display of barking talent with the animals sounding off at different pitches. It is sure to be a hit with its nostalgic salute to "Star Wars," yet make a powerful impact among over 100 million viewers.

The cost of a commercial for the 2012 Super Bowl is $3.5 million for 30 seconds. NBC is raking it in this year.

For the Super Bowl 2011 VW campaign, a young boy was dressed up as Darth Vader and tried to make household appliances work through his imaginery super powers. Discouraged in his attempts to make things happen, the boy takes one last try by trying to make his parents' Volkswagen start in the driveway. The instante he cast his spell to fire up the car's engine, his Dad started the car with the digital key from inside the house. His little boy believed for that brief moment he had the power of Darth Vader.

The 1:04 ad preview for the Volkswagen dog commercial has no narration. There will be more to the ad when it airs during the 2012 Super Bowl. The ending reads "Back. And better than ever. 2.5.12."

Given the love America has for animals, this advertisement by VW will go a long ways with viewers. Commercials such as GoDaddy and various advertisers tend to go for the "sex sells" angle. The only way to really compete with that method is to use adorable animals and children to make good selling points. In a lot of respects it reaches more people in being "relatable." Who does not love cute dogs and huggable kids?

Clydesdale horses are a trademark success for Budweiser. It seems like Volkswagen has a new Super Bowl legacy of their own in the works by featuring both children and animals. A good way to separate themselves from the rest!

Super Bowl 2012 kicks off at 6:30 p.m., ET on NBC in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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Great job on this, Heather, love my 2004 Passat and thinking about another!! Voted!