NFL Sportsmanship; Carolina Panther's Quarterback Cam Newton's Record Breaking 13th Rushing Touchdown
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NFL Sportsmanship; Carolina Panther's Quarterback Cam Newton's Record Breaking 13th Rushing Touchdown

Cam Newton gifts his record breaking touchdown football; Team takes it back! Good sportsmanship by Newton and positive media coverage

Sportsmanship; Carolina Panther's Quarterback Cam Newton's record breaking 13th rushing touchdown

In the media, we see mostly publicized negativity; to include sports. We watch as a son’s father loses his mind after an official’s call at a football game or similar and the father is all of a sudden in the face of the official ranting, or worse, getting physical. Even in the observer’s stands, we see parents throwing blows with each other due to their passion for their child and their emotional tension that often is enhanced.

Rarely do our media sources find the quality, good-hearted, good-feeling moments that are not only captured on film but also relayed to the rest of the world. We see in horrific reality films such as Faces of Death or Jackass the draw of multitudes of people to view what they seem to believe they won’t. Just because there is interest and a lot of money made ($1,000,000+ for Faces of Death and $300+ million for Jackass) in video sales and rentals or movie showings doesn’t mean we need to flock to them or make ourselves become intimately familiar with their details. Each country has detectives and other personnel that do their due diligence to make sure that what is being portrayed is at least within that country’s moral and legal acceptance.

In America, our free speech laws are wonderful while at the same time being damning. Really, who wants to see a live man pulled apart from his limbs by four horses at the same time pulling him down a dirt road? Not I, though as a youth I had the misfortune to peer over a groups shoulders to see what they were looking at and to see just that in a Faces of Death video.

On the contrary, comedy movies such as Dr. Doolittle that stars Eddie Murphy ($100+ million in gross sales) and The Jerk that stars Steve Martin ($70+ million in gross sales) offer us giddy laughter and pleasant feelings and imagery.

Sports fans had a unique view of wonderful pleasantry recently at an American Football game that featured the Carolina Panthers. Quarterback Cam Newton, a 16 year-old fan, and the media all had a great role in a touching warm-felt moment right after Newton had scored a rushing touchdown. Newton had seen the teenager earlier in the game due to a homemade shirt that identified her as “Mrs. Newton” and as a major fan of his.

After scoring his touchdown, Newton ran over to the girl and gave her the scoring football. Soon after though, the team wanted the ball back! Can you imagine that?

No worries, however, as that particular score by Newton with that football had broken a major NFL record of 12, but now 13, rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in a season. Wow, now that is amazing! The team gave the teenager a handful of gifts in addition to another football in exchange for the prized ball she was just gifted. The question comes to mind, “If she had kept the ball and decided to auction it off, how much money would she have received for it?” After all, it was a gift that was witnessed world-wide! Those few gifts from the NFL team don’t seem quite sufficient. But, there is one more element to this story that still remains unknown: What is it the team is going to send her in the mail? You see, assistant equipment manager Don Toner told her the team would send her something in the mail.  Chris Chase, a blogger for Yahoo Sports, says he hopes that it is something signed by Newton. Something more on par for what the prize was in the first place seems to be in order; perhaps five years’ worth of season tickets and Newton’s game paycheck would be about equivalent as a trade for that football?

In any case, the girl was so happy and nervous she was trembling. And, in another heartfelt moment she mentioned that she thought Newton should have the ball because it was so special. Awe, now that is what we like to see in sports!

© Dwayne Ivey – December 6, 2011

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Comments (5)
Ranked #2 in Football

This a neat story. Today when everything can be auctioned on eBay, she gave the football back so it could go into the NFL Hall of Fame. But getting that football and meeting Cam Newton is a memory she will remember forever.

Ranked #10 in Football

I agree. She will probably end up getting asked to do Jay Leno I'm sure as now she is FAMOUS! Thank you for your comment Sam!

The Panthers is one of my stepson's favorite sports teams.

A great story and well told by you.Out of votes but will return with one shortly.

Returning with a well deserved vote up