Brett Favre Scandal - Consequences Brett Favre May Face in Jenn Sterger Scandal
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Brett Favre Scandal - Consequences Brett Favre May Face in Jenn Sterger Scandal

What Brett Favre could face in consequences if he's found "guily" of accusations in his scandal with Jenn Sterger.

Brett Favre has quite the scandal over allegedly texting inappropriate cellphone photos and messages to former New York Jets sideline reporter, Jenn Sterger.  As the Favre-Sterger scandal grows, the NFL is gets involved and consequences may be at stake for the Minnesota Viking quarterback. 

Favre-Sterger Scandal and NFL Consequences

 The NFL will examine cellphone records from accuser, Jenn Sterger. A lot of speculations have been commented on throughout the football world when word of this came on Sunday.  The scandal isn't doing Brett Favre or his team any favors and the NFL wants to settle it as soon as possible.  It comes down to learning if Favre violated the NFL rules of conduct.

Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, wants to verify what really happened and if Jenn Sterger will cooperate on the accusations towards Favre. If Favre is found to have violated NFL personal conduct policies, he could be suspended or fined as a consequence.

How Suspension May Not Happen to Brett Favre Over Scandal

Speculations on NBC's Sunday Night Football arrived to the conclusion that if Favre is  "guilty" of violating the league's personal conduct policy, any type of suspension is far from guaranteed. When Ben Roethlisberger was called on the floor regarding allegations of sexual misconduct back in early 2009, it wasn't his first offense when he was suspended.  Because Favre would be a "first time offender," he may not be suspended.

In addition, Trent Copeland, who's the CBS News legal analyst, said the odds of a civil lawsuit against Favre and the New York Jets are low. Jenn Sterger hasn't spoken of the allegations and it appears she's not going through with suing Favre or the Jets. However, if she was to pursue a lawsuit, Copeland adds she would need to illustrate three details for real consequences to result towards Brett Favre - 1.  that the advances from Brett Favre were unwanted and was totally one-sided, 2. that she made a complaint to the New York Jets and  - 3. The Jets didn't do anything to resolve the situation.

"There's a lot to establish there," Copeland said.

How the Scandal with Favre-Sterger Affects the Vikings - a Bad Consequence!

The Minnesota Vikings team and fans are nervous regarding this scandal that has sidetracked the goal of the game - to win and keep Brett Favre playing at his best.  A suspension of Brett Favre by the NFL this season would potentially mean breaking his NFL record of consecutive starts by a quarterback. Favre's 289th start is Monday night when the Vikings team go up against the New York Jets.

A senior NFL analyst on ESPN has said Jenn Sterger is "cooperating" with the "fast track" investigation and an NFL spokesman said the entire investigation is "under review."

Will this end the Brett Favre scandal with Jenn Sterger or get even uglier depending on what the NFL finds from cellphone records? 

Sources:  Bleacher Report

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Comments (5)
Ranked #2 in Football

Favre is going to face worse from his wife than from the NFL. But I do find it funny all of this suddenly comes out now right before they play in New York.

Just because you are a celebrity does not make you imune to scandals infact with more eyes on them.. you would think these people would be more careful

Ranked #5 in Football

Great report! First Tiger Woods and now this, you wonder what these guys are thinking.

They most not care.

Very interesting